When I first came to Barbados I initially found it a challenge to find all my gluten free ingredients and thought it would be great to have a site that listed all supermarkets and restaurants together to save others the same search that I did.

The hardest thing when suffering from coeliac disease or following a Gluten Free diet is obviously finding somewhere to eat and where you can purchase Gluten Free ingredients.  Here are my suggestions of places on the island.  This will hopefully help residents and visitors to the island to find gluten free meals and ingredients.   I’m also adding in a few recipes as I love to cook/bake/eat!

If I have missed any place, please let me know and I will add it to the list.

I can be contacted directly on :  [email protected]

If you are interested in gluten free recipes, check out my main recipe website –  www.divaliciousrecipes.com

Enjoy the beautiful island of Barbados!


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  1. Awesome I found this page! I was really worried about not finding anything to eat during our stay (as we only booked an appartment). But it looks like there are quite a lot of gluten free options around Christ Church, so I might not have to stay hungry for our entire holiday, yay 🙂 Thanks for making me look forward to our trip again!

  2. Do you have any advice for eating safely in Barbados with allergies to gluten, dairy, and soy? Our hotel room has a kitchenette, so we’ll be able to do some cooking ourselves, but some meals will have to be eaten in restaurants.

    1. Hi Cathy! I would advise that you pop into any restaurant/hotel you want to dine in before you go. Make sure you are talking to someone who actually understands the problems of allergies as some restaurants here happily label themselves as “gluten free” with no real understanding of cross contamination. I’ve removed a hotel from my recommended list for this very reason. A very safe bet would be The Good Life Cafe and possibly Bliss Cafe. Brown Sugar is pretty good too and serve decent Bajan food. If you have any more queries, drop me a line and happy holidays!

  3. hi , brill to find you, we are coming next week 6th dec for 2 weeks, and staying on the Bathsheba beach side,surf too tempting, is there anything on that side of the island for gluten free eating?
    we will be booking an apartment so i can cook as i always do, but it would be cool to be able to go to a cafe or restaurant where my hubby can eat too.
    thankyou for all the wonderful info, real gem of a site. well done.
    jules and spence webb.

    1. Hi

      I love that side of the island and one of my favourite dog walking beaches, Cattlewash, is just up from there. There isn’t really any gluten free cafes or restaurants on that side of the island but the island is small enough for you to pop over to the south coast where you have more choice. There is a restaurant/Cafe called the Round House not far from Bathsheba which MIGHT have something but I can’t be sure as it’s not something they advertise. Hope you have a great time!

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