The Good Life Restaurant/Cafe

good life

The Good Life is a Vegan Cafe located in Rockley, Christ Church that serves amazing salads, wraps, smoothies, shakes and sandwiches.  The cafe has a great atmosphere with friendly staff.  Great good healthy food at decent prices!

Opening Hours

Monday – Sunday    10:00 am – 10:00 pm

Contact Info

Tel: (246) 435 6322



 g life


2 thoughts on “The Good Life Restaurant/Cafe

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  2. I am vegetarian and required a gluten free and Soya free diet. When i read the reviews i thought great give it a try, i was dissapointed with the choice. Their idea of gluten free is not the same as mine. There are no gluten free wraps or anything really gluten free. Its obvious rice is ok if you eat it which do not as rice is starch. I asked for Quinoa or millet or they did not know what that was and the staff dont know about these ancient grains.
    If vegans think that eating Tofu is great it is a poor unnatural food. The cafe needs expand the menu and introduce more plant based foods. All they could offer me was beans and rice which i could have done better.

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